dr hazel wallace

Medical Doctor, Author and Entrepreneur

Dr Hazel Wallace.png
Working with Lauren is one of the single best things that I did for my business and brand.

I come from a science background, and so having someone alongside me to hold my hand when I’m learning the tricks of the trade, was fundamental to the growth of my business. I can’t recommend her enough.

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becki rabin

Entrepreneur, PT, Business & Wellness Coach

Before working with Lauren I was spreading myself too thin in my business and not valuing my offering highly enough.

Lauren has supported me in cultivating a mindset of knowing that I can have whatever I want, earn the money that I want to earn, and build a business that allows me to really make a change in the industry. After just 2 months of working together, I am more efficient, confident, and have been able to hire an amazing team to support me too.

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Amy rushworth


Amy Rushworth.jpg
“Signing up for business coaching with Lauren was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Our sessions gave me the strength and the clarity to start stepping forward and saying yes to things before I was ready.”

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jody shield

Speaker, Author and Success Coach

Working with Lauren has been amazing. The results have been incredible and impactful. Lauren helped me to double my income in the first 6 weeks of working together.

Lauren is intuitive, always on hand whenever you need her, and I could not have gotten to where I am without her.

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Hollie Grant

Entrepreneur and Author

Lauren has been a complete, and priceless, joy to work with. Not only do I actively look forward to my weekly sessions with her, but I find myself more productive, more focussed, and with more motivation after our talks.

One of the biggest limiting factors in my business has been how I view myself and my abilities. Lauren has shown me time and time again that it is our mindset that holds us back and through her I have taken bigger steps than I would have thought possible. Since working with Lauren I have completely re-evaluated what I want from my business and been able to take a step away from seeing it as my baby, to seeing it as a lucrative business.

I can honestly say that Lauren has increased my business in the following areas – branding, productivity and profitability. Lauren has given me the focus, determination, and the skills to realise that no goal is too big and that you really can have it all.”

lauretta ihonor


Before I started working with Lauren, I didn’t feel very confident about my business idea. I knew my aim/company mission, but I had so many ideas about how to execute that I felt overwhelmed. I’d also decided to hold a big launch event, despite having no experience in events. Whenever I spoke to people with events experience, I was told to aim a little lower to avoid disappointment.

Lauren helped me to realise that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to as long as I keep pushing. With her support, I nailed my launch event, got some great speakers on board, fantastic sponsors and sold out the 100+ capacity venue!

I am now more confident in my own ideas, trust my intuition more and I’m growing my business how I want to, rather than how I think I should do it. I no longer feel I have to compromise my vision or lower my ambitions because others don’t think what I’m doing will work. This mindset will be crucial to my continued success as I take my business from strength to strength.

Finally, in a world that’s currently teeming with ‘six-figure business coaches’, it is very refreshing to be supported by someone who doesn’t feed you BS and false promises of making 6 figures in 6 weeks. Lauren has organically grown a very successful business and that’s the biggest testament to her expertise.

lydia johnson


Working with Lauren has been an important and insightful experience. She helped me focus my energy on the important parts of my business in order for growth. I now feel like I run a slick operation and have a clear vision of where I want to go.

I now realise the importance of stepping into myself. I was happy with my clinic, but I realised that in order to grow, I need to be more visible. That’s been a massive breakthrough.

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Nutritionist and Speaker

Rosie Millen.png
I am so glad I had coaching sessions with Lauren. I’ve spent a lot of money on coaching and Lauren’s was by far the best investment I’ve made. I was so lost before I spoke to her. By the third session, I had discovered my purpose again and learnt enough to catapult my business for life. I also booked 10 speaking engagements in 3 months.

I now have a focus again, a drive, and am more positive about my business.

Thank you so much, Lauren! Your support has been immensely satisfying and you’re so compassionate too. I would recommend, and have been recommending you to everyone!


Psychologist and Coach

Dr Heather McKee
Lauren has a unique ability to be able to help you get out of your head and look at your business objectively. She does so in a thoughtful, kind and encouraging manner which challenges you without you feeling challenged.

Some of the most powerful elements were the deep dive questions at the start of the programme, developing my money mindset and the self-belief Lauren instilled in me. And it sounds boring but Lauren even managed to make getting clear on my business financials, relevant and motivating. I now actually want to keep my accounts in order!

I think Lauren has a unique gift the ability to bring out the best in people. She listens, ask questions at the right time and has the intuition and talent to really get to the heart of an issue. I now know the key barriers that were getting in my way. Not many people have the ability to do that in such a seamless way and I should know I’m both a coach and a psychologist!


Transformational Life Coach, Teacher, Healer & Entrepreneur

2A0A2506 soft.jpg
Before working with Lauren I was overworking and being underpaid. My belief was that I wasn’t worthy, I was holding myself back, and lacked the confidence to truly use my voice.

Working with Lauren changed all of that. We worked on reframing my belief systems and everything flowed from there. I more than tripled my revenue within the first 5-6 weeks and have consistently kept at that level 3 months later. What seemed completely impossible to me to earn financially when I first started working with Lauren, is now my new normal.

I now realise the value of the work I do, have greater confidence, and can really use my voice authentically. I am finally standing in my power and it feels liberating. The shifts that have already taken place have shown me how very little real limits there truly are, only what I believe is or isn’t possible.

Now I have a full team, I am creating a program I dreamed about last year, and I am regularly running sell-out events. I am finally offering my gifts and services to people at the level and power I had always dreamed of. And more importantly, I have more time and money to really nourish myself, my family and my life.

chloe brotheridge

Entrepreneur and Author

Lauren has been invaluable in helping me to move my business and my mindset forward. I had an incredible few months while working with her, launching an online course, hiring my first team members and creating structures and systems where before there were none.

Lauren is super inspiring and helped me to change my mindset about what is possible and I’m really excited about the future. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to work with her.”

hannah winter

Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultant

Before working with Lauren I was struggling with clarity in my business. I was taking on a lot of different projects without an overall sense of how everything fitted together. Working with Lauren helped me to bring direction to my business. I found it incredibly helpful to have someone to speak to, bounce ideas off and discuss my options when challenges arrived.

Lauren also helped me develop my confidence and belief in myself. In particular, she helped me create the foundations for being self-employed and showed me what can be possible both now in my business and in the future. She helped me get clear on my strategy, my forecasting and financial planning and gave me the confidence to increase my revenue and see opportunities for growth.

Lauren helped me see where I was holding back because I was afraid to take risks or didn’t believe in myself. Teaching me to lean into the discomfort when necessary and providing a sounding board when needed. Lauren is also incredibly kind, supportive and generous, providing so much information and valuable insight both during and between sessions.

miff martinek

Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur

Before working with Lauren I was struggling with my confidence to build the business I really wanted. I was keen to build something that really made a difference.

Lauren gave me a real breakthrough around getting to grips with my finances. Initially, I was really intimated – but then I realised it meant I could see exactly how to take my business to the next level and open my second location.

I feel braver, I’m taking on people to support my business and have clear processes in place. You won’t regret working with Lauren – she has instilled so much confidence in me. I now know I can have the success that I want on my own terms.

emily foster

Dietician & Marketing Consultant

Before working Lauren, I was struggling with clarity, focus and, if I’m honest, motivation in my business. As a solo entrepreneur coming to the end of year 2 in business I felt like I had no one that really knew the inner workings of my company and I desperately wanted to share that with someone to gain perspective as well as feedback.

Since we’ve started working together Lauren has helped me get my financial act together by providing financial templates and encouragement – I now know where my money is going and coming from (hurray!). I feel I’ve found a mentor and friend who understands the wellness industry and pushes me to keep moving forward with my business even when I feel weird or uncomfortable.

I wanted to work with a coach who “got” the wellness industry, the quirks and challenges of the day-to-day running of a business, and who acknowledged the power that mindset has with money and business opportunities.

I don’t know where you’re at with your business right now but if you’re an ambitious business owner looking for a coach who can provide you with real insights into the wellness industry in addition to honest, useful feedback – even if it maybe hurts a little (with an Australian accent) Lauren could be the coach for you. I can’t thank her enough for the confidence, clarity and ultimately peace of mind she has given me in my business. Thank you so very much.


Transformational Life Coach

Before I started working with Lauren, I was overwhelmed, anxious, out of love with my work and on the brink of quitting. Deciding to invest in myself and my future by working with Lauren is one of the most transformative decisions that I have ever made.

Lauren recognised early on, that I had a lot of work to do on my mindset and learning to trust my feelings. She taught me that in building a business, mindset is the foundation. She rebuilt my belief in myself, encouraged me to let go of what wasn’t working in favour of what set my heart alight, and helped me redefine work from being ‘a slog’ to something fun that flows.

Fast forward a year and I can honestly say that I am the most motivated I have ever been to run my business. I’ve totally changed direction and am loving it – even the challenges!

As your coach, Lauren has incredible skill at marrying practical business advice with helping to navigate your mindset. She is genuinely interested, kind, humble and has such belief in the possibilities for her clients. To have someone on your team as you ride the entrepreneurial rollercoaster is an incredible gift. To those thinking of working with Lauren – this may be the greatest investment that you make in yourself and your business. The mere knowledge that you are not alone could be the push you need to get momentum. Combine this with Lauren’s skill, knowledge, and a fierce belief in your potential and you may just find your life changing.

patricia lopez


Patricia Lopez Headshot.png
Before I started working with Lauren, I had so many important questions and was at a really pivotal time of growth in my business.

As well as advising me on countless nuances in my business (from pricing and structuring my financials, to event strategy and more), the coaching as so much more. I’ve learnt about the importance of mindset, my relationship with money, and benefited from so many recommendations for further reading and learning.

Thanks to our sessions, I feel more confident in my business, have more clarity on my approach, and now have a really supportive network of like-minded women on a similar journey.

Lauren is an incredibly knowledgeable, wise, encouraging, and supportive mentor. There wasn’t a question I had that Lauren didn’t have an answer for. She understood me and my business from the get-go and really helped me get past the stress and overwhelm to the clarity and vision I needed. I can’t imagine having launched Academy in 2018 without her support and I look forward to continuing working with her.


Entrepreneur and Yoga Teacher

Screenshot 2018-08-25 10.51.26.png
Before working with Lauren, I had just started going full time with my business and was nervous about taking that leap. Lauren was there to lead me by the hand and give me that friendly push in the right direction to believing in my goals, vision and the work I was already so proud of.

Lauren’s sessions have helped me to double my revenue, to realise and value my worth and work, and to never undercharge for what I do. I now have a thriving business that I love, with regular sell-out events, new retreats, plans and ideas on the horizon, and a growing team of people around me.

ophelia froud

Entrepreneur and Journalist

I had a wellness business idea I was truly passionate about and believed in – but I had no roadmap. Lauren changed all that. Amidst all my excitement of wanting to make it happen, I needed step by step guidance and practical tips and advice, which is what I’ve found in this coaching program. Specifically, I needed to know what to prioritise and how to maximise my output.

Lauren has helped me to understand how to run a business and create revenue streams. I’ve shifted my money mindset, can better manage emails, created a structured diary and organised my workload to be more productive and radically change the way I work.

The sessions anchor my business and I really look forward to being challenged and encouraged. We work hard but smart. This is the best investment I could make for my business. Thank you!

Suzie Clark

Success Coach, Yoga Teacher & Podcast Host

Suzie Clark
Working with Lauren has turbo-charged the progress that I’ve made and I certainly couldn’t have made that kind of progress on my own.

Working with her has been incredible. Beforehand I was second-guessing myself and being a perfectionist. She empowered me to make fast decisions which was exactly what i wanted to get out of it. She also challenged and pushed me to take my business to new heights.

Watch the video for Suzie’s full testimonial.



Sofia headshot.jpg
Lauren is a fantastic business coach to work with as she constantly helps pin down the ‘why’ of your business which helps put everything into perspective and unlock the potential. She realigns you with the business. Working with her has been insightful for me in many ways including becoming more conscient of the limits I was imposing to myself. Deep, efficient and uplifting.


Confidence Coach and Soul Stylist

Sarah Stacey
With Lauren’s help, I’ve been able to transform overwhelming ideas into two tangible businesses and have concrete faith in my ability, field of expertise and self-worth. My mindset has flipped from a “what can I get” to “what can I give” which has transformed my profit margin enabling me to serve my clients and grow my community. I’ve created healthy boundaries and revolutionised my time productivity, along with creating laser focus and clarity.

Her coaching is highly empowering and a fabulous investment.

Meredith Whitely

Entrepreneur and Meditation Teacher

Lauren has been such a great support over the last few months. In a gentle, but direct way she has helped me gain clarity on where I want to take my business. She helped me peel back the layers of my personal and business needs so that I can create a business that is financially and emotionally fulfilling. But most of all, she has given me the confidence to listen to myself and keep up the momentum that’s needed in the early stages of starting a business.

Lauren’s sessions have blended work on mindset and action planning, both of which I needed. The extra accountability and support helped me take action in a few areas I’d been procrastinating on, including developing a much more detailed business plan to easily prioritise my revenue streams. This gave me the confidence (and clarity) to launch my first online course in a very short space of time. In fact, this is something I had been resisting for a little while without even realising it. After a few discussions with Lauren it became clear that this was exactly the direction I wanted to head in.

Lauren is also a very practical source of advice as she is able to share her own experience of building a business - and completely understands the challenges of getting a business off the ground. She has built a beautiful network of women working in the wellness space and I feel very honoured to be part of it.”

abigail devries

Entrepreneur and
Brand Strategist

After years of watching Lauren build her own successful business, I was convinced: who better to assist me with the creation of my new business than someone who’s already done it, and done it well?

Having worked in branding and design for 16 years, I discovered that I’d completely lost my love for my craft. My heart was no longer in it because I was tired of building brands that I didn’t really care about. 

Over the past 6 months, I have worked alongside Lauren to craft a business that satisfies my passion for wellness and my love for design and brand creation. Prior to working with Lauren, I was constantly consumed with fear and confusion, and I felt like I was going 100 miles an hour with no goals or direction. I felt completely burnt out and incredibly overwhelmed. 

Lauren was an invaluable resource to me during this time. She was a careful listener, always prepared for our sessions, extremely knowledgeable, and incredibly intuitive. Lauren always knew just the right questions to ask to help me cut through the clutter in my head and formulate a clear business strategy. I am finally running a business that I am not only passionate about, but which is also financially lucrative and thriving. 

Making the decision to utilise Lauren’s services was one of the best decisions of my career. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

lauren barber

Entrepreneur, Health Coach and Yoga Teacher


I reached out to Lauren having watched her grow an incredibly inspiring and successful business in the wellness industry. It made perfect sense to me to work with her as my mentor as I grow my own wellbeing business.

Lauren has always encouraged and supported me to help make my visions a reality - she has been my cheerleader and my voice of reason when it comes to my both creative ideas and my money mindset. Our sessions have helped me face up to my finances - despite a lot of resistance and fear - and that has been a game changer in both my business and personal life.”

Bekah davies


I was first introduced to Lauren at the Welltodo Summit. Since that day she has inspired me to become the woman I am today. Lauren is not only a fantastic, inspirational woman, but she is also an amazing mentor and business coach. She has helped me to realise that I am business-minded and that I do have what it takes to turn my vision into reality.

Within our one-to-one sessions, she has supported me with building up to the launch of my business, she has helped me to face my financial fears, and she has helped build my confidence not just in my brand but also in myself.

I believe I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Lauren.”

nirali mankodi


Working with Lauren has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve achieved so much in the last 4 months and have been driven to keep moving my business forward.

From my first session with Lauren, my mindset started changing. I loved Lauren’s ability to help me challenge myself to think, believe and achieve more. I’m excited and positive about where I can take my business and look forward to working with Lauren again.

I would highly recommend Lauren as a Business Coach to help take your business to the next level.


beth spurr

Design Consultant & Entrepreneur

I reached out to Lauren while I was in a transition phase from one career to another. I was feeling both excited and intimidated by what was to come. Lauren and I talked through my thoughts, feelings, ambitions and dreams which enabled me to navigate the cross roads I was fast approaching. Without Lauren’s wise words I fear I would have delayed in taking that next step towards my dreams, and inevitably would have found myself floundering and confused!

More than anything; Lauren challenged my mindset, questioned my barriers and encouraged me to embrace the fear and shift into 5th gear.

jen anderson

Personal Trainer

Jen Anderson.jpg
Lauren is so inspiring and an incredible coach. She transformed my mindset around money, pushed me out of my comfort zone and had me willingly do the necessary things that I would have never pushed myself to do otherwise.

The biggest success for me has been feeling confident and comfortable with what I’m doing. Of course, making money in my business is a driving point and that has been incredible; but gaining the clients and feeling confident to go out and get them and charge them for my time, is the biggest growth and change in me since starting this journey with Lauren.

My business has grown incredibly and I feel so excited about the future and where I want to take my business with the goals and steps that Lauren has helped me create. Thank you!

charlotte hunt

Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur

Before working with Lauren, I was struggling with self-belief that I could scale the business and achieve a bigger vision.

Lauren has helped me to see the bigger picture, believe it is possible, and nail my vision and motivation for moving forwards! Without our work together, I would not have been able to scale up my business. I have launched my first ever studio and now have another trainer working with me, which is awesome!

If you’re wondering whether or not to work with Lauren... I’d say take the leap. Lauren is a fountain of knowledge and encourages you to believe and action!



Seeing Lauren speak at numerous Welltodo events, I was immensely impressed by her knowledge of the wellness industry but also her clear passion for helping other entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.

Looking back now over the last three months, I can confidently say that Lauren’s coaching has taken me significantly closer to making it happen. Better still, I am now truly enjoying the journey and know that it is a matter of when – not if – I will make it happen.

The year before meeting Lauren was, as I’m sure is the case for many start-ups, one of self-questioning, planning, over-thinking and generally muddling through uncertainty. I wanted to increase the probability, scale and rate at which I hit my personal ambition. More than that, I wanted to enjoy every second. What better way to do that than be coached through the tough decisions by someone super-knowledgeable about wellness but also with the skills to bring the best of you?

In our first kick-off call I didn’t have a strategy. Today, I am clear on where I’m going and how to get there. After twelve sessions, we’ve addressed the major business challenges facing me as well as the deeper questions on mindset to truly unlock my potential and that of the business I’m building.

Having Lauren become my coach has been the single best business decision I have made. I can’t recommend her highly enough.