speaker overview


1. The Future of Wellness, including:
- Trends, innovation and industry insights
- The impact of consumer thinking around wellness on retail, products development, services and business processes

2. Entrepreneurship, including:
- Building a profitable, passion-led business
- Taking the leap into entrepreneurship
- The success mindset for female entrepreneurs

3. Working in Wellness, including:
- Building a new career in the wellness industry
- Leveraging your current skillset in an industry you love
- Hiring a highly skilled and passionate team
- The future of hiring for the wellness industry

Lauren has spent more than five years navigating the burgeoning wellness sector, establishing the first global industry resource and consultancy for forward-thinking businesses seeking to understand the impact of our modern obsession with self-optimisation and well-being. 

She is also an advocate of female entrepreneurship, and helping women to flourish in business through connection and coaching.

Lauren regularly speaks at industry events on the future of wellness; at internal conferences aiding businesses in understanding the changing landscape of the wellness industry and how it applies to product innovation and new thinking; and at business events on the topics of entrepreneurship, cultivating a success mindset and living your best life.